Introducing – Melody Morrow CPM, LM

Melody Morrow has been fascinated by birth since she was a young girl. Her mother had eight home births, so her appreciation for midwifery began at a very young age. In the fall of 1998, Melody began her midwifery studies in order to provide an alternative for those desiring to have a natural delivery outside of the hospital environment. Four years later, she became a Texas licensed midwife and also nationally recognized as a Certified Professional Midwife. To date, she has participated in over 1,100 births and assisted in the training of over 70 students.

Melody works at Edenway Birth Center as the clinical director. She is enthusiastic about her calling and loves to help empower families as they become informed and educated about their choices during their maternity and birth experiences. After 5 ½ years of infertility (and several miscarriages) Melody gave birth to her first daughter at home in April 2012 and her son in January 2014. She is presently on maternity leave. Her midwifery practice is currently limited to a few repeat clients, but she is actively involved in the birth community and in educating parents through Birth Boot Camp childbirth classes. You can find her current childbirth education schedule here. She is also available for fertility and miscarriage prevention consultations.


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