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8763My name is Mary Gockenbach, and I am a Certified Professional Midwife through the North American Registry of Midwives. I have an Associates of Science in Midwifery from National College of Midwifery, and am a graduate of Newlife International School of Midwifery.

My journey in midwifery has been a gradual, joyful discovery. My mom had four of her children at home with midwives, and when I was 13, I witnessed the birth of my brother. Although this beautiful experience was imprinted in my mind along with other fond memories of prenatal visits, I never imagined the possibility of becoming a midwife myself. Later, while I was in high school and in the years following, I began traveling overseas and spending time in other countries. Bit by bit I gained an awareness of the needs in women’s healthcare around the world, specifically during pregnancy and childbirth. In 2007, it all finally clicked for me, and I realized that I was being led to pursue midwifery.

I started attending births in 2009, and immediately fell in love with the beauty of the creation and development of new life, culminating in birth. Midwifery involves holistic care through a partnership with each individual woman, and I really connected with the idea of relational, compassionate care. While I was training, I spent 2 years working in a maternity clinic in the Philippines, during which time I attended 115 as primary midwife, and was a part of over 350 births.

After returning to the States and completing the requirements to become a Certified Professional Midwife, I then had the opportunity to work as a midwife in United Arab Emirates for several months. These experiences deepened my commitment to serving women as a midwife, and gave me an understanding of both the uniqueness of each birth, and the commonalities that birthing women share around the world.

I believe birth is a natural process and a special event in a woman’s life. Education and prevention are key elements to achieving a safe, healthy and fulfilling pregnancy and birth. As a midwife, my role is to partner with you and your family, providing support and education so that you can make wise choices concerning your pregnancy and birth. I respect the fact that each woman has unique needs and desires, and I look forward to getting to know you and your family during this important time in your life.



“I had the privilege of working with Mary at a birthing center overseas for about two years.  Some things that stand out to me about her as a midwife…she is very intuitive and has a way of making people feel comfortable with her. Mary is someone who truly rejoices with those that rejoice and weeps with those that weep. I appreciated Mary’s presence at a birth because she was calm, soft-spoken and kind and cared more about the success of the process as a whole than her own personal experience of it. If I were to have a baby at this time, she would be my first choice.” – Willow Banks CPM

“I found Mary to be hardworking, warm, conscientious, and a delightful individual… She is empathetic, motivated, and has an excellent fundamental knowledge and differential diagnostic skills.” – Dr. Salwa Salah OBGYN

“We are really blessed to have found a midwife like you Mary. The outstanding quality of prenatal care you provided me.  I had really a very hard and long labor, that’s why every time I think of it, I always wanted to thank you for your care and sweet encouragement. You seemed not tired of telling me repeatedly that I could make it because I am strong, and how patient you were all throughout my 2 days labor. mary2It was really hard, but every time I looked at my husband beside me and you, so patiently guiding me during my labor my heart was just so happy because I know I am blessed, I can even smile.  You were there helping me, making me feel comfortable, your breathing with me, listening to my precious baby – it was not a painful memory but a precious one. I will keep on telling my Baby Marco how good his midwife is and I want him to be as nice as you are, to be as kind as you are. Thank you for sharing God’s gift, Mary. You are an Angel.  Thank you so much Mary!” – Christine (client in the Philippines)

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