Edenway Birth Center offers you a wonderful and diverse team of midwives and apprentices who desire to support you as a unique individual. Each one of our providers is passionate about education, prevention, and the creation of a beautiful and nurturing environment to surround you during this amazing journey of growing new life!

We offer classes and free in-person consultation to enable you to choose a care provider who best fits your needs. Please explore our website to learn more about how we can help you!

  • "I can't say enough about the kind and personal way the midwives at Edenway took care of me."

    — TeriAnn Lewis, client

  • "The day of our first visit with the midwives was amazing! We talked like old friends."

    — Jena Bodeker, client

  • "The whole experience was amazing! I would recommend Edenway Birth Center to anyone!"

    — Gretel Marques, client with twins

  • “Every time I come in I am so blessed by all of your warmth and kindness.”

    — Amy Turner, client

  • We have a secret in our culture.. and it's not that birth is painful, it's that women are strong.

    — Laura Stavoe Harm

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  Welcome to the journey of birth! This journey does not just involve the mother who will go through labor, it involves many other people who love and care for her, especially her birth partner. We are so glad that you are part of this and we welcome you as a full participant in the […]

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The phone rings, the clock says 2:00 AM.  I’m not surprised, as I have been expecting this call any moment.   My bags are ready, they always are.  You just never know when “the call” might come.  A lot of women will go into active labor late at night and birth in the early morning hours.  […]

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How it All Began: 12 Days of Edenway

Edenway Birth Center began as a dream. After experiencing the birth of his first child in the welcoming environment of a birth center in the DFW area, our founder wanted to offer that experience to others in the Johnson County area. He gathered the financial support of several families and decided to launch a new venture […]


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Getting to Know Lindsey Bernardy, Administrative Assistant: 12 Days of Edenway

A Cleburne native, Lindsey Bernardy is our Administrative Assistant and helps to handle payment plans, paperwork, and checking accounts. Lindsey also helps to coordinate birth center events. One of her favorite things about working at Edenway is being a part of the birth community and building relationships with clients. Outside of the office, Lindsey is […]


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Shaunda joined Edenway this July and is often the smiling first face you meet when you come in the door. She is a jill-of-all-trades and handles scheduling, phone calls, payments and random questions. Shaunda and her husband have four children; Conner, Lydia and Sydney who are twins, and Lane. Q & A With Shaunda Brainard […]


Getting to Know Melody Morrow, Clinical Director: 12 Days of Edenway

Melody Morrow, CPM, LM works at Edenway Birth Center as the clinical director. She is enthusiastic about her calling and loves to help empower families as they become informed and educated about their choices during their maternity and birth experiences. In the fall of 1998, Melody began her midwifery studies in order to provide an […]

Welcome to the Edenway Birth Center Web Site!

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Our midwifery practice is based on several foundational elements. These include:

  • Education
  • Prevention
  • Informed consent
  • Relationship
  • Family involvement

Choosing a midwife

Hiring a midwife is a commitment to a partnership lasting throughout your entire prenatal period, labor and delivery, and  postpartum care for up to 6 weeks. During this time, your midwife will work with you to facilitate a safe, healthy and fulfilling experience. We believe that education and knowledge are essential to a successful out of hospital experience. Because of this philosophy, we commonly spend an hour or more with you for your appointments and focus on informed consent, preventative nutritional counseling as well as your physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. We promote nutrition, wellness, and exercise during pregnancy to prepare your body for birth.
In order to better support our clients during their pregnancy, we refer to an excellent network of chiropractors, childbirth educators, massage therapists, physicians, and other health care providers.

childrens toys Getting to Know Melody Morrow, Clinical Director: 12 Days of Edenway


Your children are welcome to attend your visits. We have numerous play areas and snacks available for their enjoyment. We encourage the involvement of the entire family during pregnancy and birth, and love helping fathers catch their own babies!

Birth Options

We have home birth and birth center birth options available to our clients.

IMG 61131 300x200 Getting to Know Melody Morrow, Clinical Director: 12 Days of Edenway

We specialize in water birth, and find that most of our clients appreciate this option. Our birth center has a beautiful birth suite with a deep tub used for waterbirth, and our birth cottage is similarly equipped.  A soft side tub is available to rent for those desiring a water birth experience in the comfort of their own home. Water is an effective form of pain relief and relaxation. It has been dubbed an “aquadural” and women often spend at least part of their labor in the tub, even if they do not desire to deliver in the water.

In addition to traditional midwifery services, we offer:

  • Pre-pregnancy counseling (preparing your body to support a baby, building your immune system)
  • Fertility consultation (tracking your cycles, herbs to prevent miscarriage, progesterone testing & prescription referral)
  • Information on birth control methods (natural family planning, fertility awareness, barrier methods, and hormonal contraception)

Call us today to set up a free tour and consultation with our midwives. We look forward to meeting you and your family!